Biophysics & Structural Biology
at Synchrotrons
17-24 January 2019

This workshop is aimed at introducing young, mostly African, bioscience researchers to the power of synchrotron based facilities. It will have, as its focus, the structure determination and other biophysical resources required for vaccine design, drug discovery, industrial enzymology and agrochemicals. The course will trace the technology required to go from gene to the structure of proteins, as well as synchrotron based techniques for imaging cells. Topics covered will include advanced strategies for crystallization, high-throughput data collection by X-ray diffraction, single particle cryo-EM, structure refinement, X-ray tomography, circular dichroism and spectroscopy . Students will learn how to access synchrotron based resources and will get practical experience of working with proteins, data collection, data processing, structure interpretation and complex experimental strategies. Time has been reserved for students to collect their own data using remote access of an MX beamline at the Diamond Light Source.

Speakers Include


This programme is subject to change.

Saturday, 19 January 2019

Sample mounting and cryocooling
Aaron Klug lab, NEB level 1
Data collection
Chem Eng Seminar Room
Data Processing DIALS-DUI
Computer Lab
Data Processing Clinic
Computer Lab
Elspeth Garman
Carmien Tolmie
Dave Hall
Neil Paterson
Nick Devenish
Gwyndaf Evans

Frank von Delft
Wolf-Dieter Schubert
Mike Lawrence
Trevor Sewell
et al.

09h00 Lecture

XChem at Diamond (60 min)

Frank von Delft

10h00 Lecture

Introduction to data processing with DIALS and DUI

Nick Devenish

11h00 Tutorial 1 5/6 3/4
12h00 Tutorial 2 1
13h00 Lunch
14h00 Tutorial 3 2 7/8 5/6
15h00 Tutorial 4 3
16h00 Tutorial 5 4 1/2 7/8
17h00 Tutorial 6 5
18h00 Dinner (students can go to dinner between 17h30 and 20h00, depending on their schedule)
19h00 Tutorial 7 6 3/4 1/2
20h00 Tutorial 8 7
21h00 Tutorial 8
22h00 Close

Organising Committee

  • Convenor: Trevor Sewell, University of Cape Town
  • Frances Separovic
  • Paul Kappo
  • Thandeka Moyo
  • Lizbe Koekemoer
  • Carmien Tolmie
  • Gwyndaf Evans

Joint Conference of the Pan African Conference on Crystallography (PCCr2) and the African Synchrotron Light Source (AfLS2)

The second African Light Source Conference (AfLS2) will be held as a Joint Conference with the Pan African Conference on Crystallography (PCCr2) in Accra, Ghana from 28th Jan to 2nd Feb 2019.

The Pan African Conference on Crystallography is designed to bring together crystallographers, mineralogists and solid state scientists from Africa and beyond. The aim is to promote crystallography and explore educational opportunities for researchers in the field. The benefits of which are not just limited to academia, but industry as well. Attending PCCr2 will help you share and gain more knowledge and grow your professional network as well as discovering new opportunities for growth in your career or academia. The Conference continues to attract more researchers and scientists as the years go on. We believe all the objectives of the conference will be realized in the near future. The PCCr2 will launch the African Crystallography Association (AfCA) which aims to network all African crystallographers and structural scientists.

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