Biophysics & Structural Biology
at Synchrotrons
17-24 January 2019

Opher Gileadi

Opher Gileadi

Institution Structural Genomics Consortium

Dr. Gileadi obtained his BSc and Ph.D. at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, investigating gene expression in the human placenta. His post-doc at Stanford University focused on the RNA polymerase-associated factor TFIIH from yeast. After establishing his own group at the Weizmann Institute in Israel, he continued to investigate the genetics and biochemistry of gene regulation in yeast. Since 2004 Opher has been in the Structural Genomics Consortium in the University of Oxford, where he initially led the Biotechnology group and, since 2010, the Genome Integrity group. The group has specialised in the structural and chemical biology of DNA repair proteins. In 2015-16, Opher has moved to Brazil for 1.5 years to direct the establishment of the SGC lab at the University of Campinas, which focuses on open science and the chemical biology of protein kinases of humans and plants. Back in Oxford, the group effort is continuing the work on DNA repair proteins, while also expanding to include proteins involved in neurodegenerative diseases.

Speaker of Events

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17 January 2019

Day 1: Protein preparation

Preparing proteins for biophysics and structural biology.
This event has passed
This event has passed
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