Biophysics & Structural Biology
at Synchrotrons
17-24 January 2019

Elspeth Garman

​Elspeth Garman

Institution ​University of Oxford

Elspeth Garman is Professor of Molecular Biophysics at Oxford University. After a year as an 18 year old volunteer teacher in Swaziland, Southern Africa she got a degree in Physics at Durham University and then a D.Phil (PhD) in Experimental Nuclear Structure Physics at Oxford. After 7 years of Nuclear Physics Research, she completely changed fields to protein crystallography. Her main research interests are in improving methods for finding the three-dimensional shapes of medically important biological molecules, particularly in cryocrystallography and radiation damage. She has established a technique for unambiguously identifying and quantifying metals in proteins using particle induced X-ray emission (PIXE). She is a well known communicator of science and has been interviewed on the BBC Radio 4 program ‘The Life Scientific’ (

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