Contracted housing for student accommodation

Students will be housed in one of the university’s residences. Booking for the student res must be indicated on your workshop registration form.

Only 40 rooms are available, and will be allocated first to bursary students, and thereafter, on a first-come-first-served basis.

Staying at UCT

UCT’s vacation accommodation has a beautiful setting with mountain views and lovely buildings. The Campus is a safe environment, and centrally located, with easy access to the Claremont shopping and business area, city centre and Rondebosch Main Road. There is a swimming pool at Forest Hill (depending on water restrictions) and guests can use the UCT gym for a short-term membership fee.

The sports pool at Forest Hill residence may be enjoyed by vacation accommodation guests. Photo: Michael Hammond


Public transport is not far away on the main road, and taxi operators are nearby. The Jammie Shuttle service is available for guests to use; it goes to all residences, or you can make a group booking if you need the whole bus. If you arrived by car, open parking is usually available.

Information about the Jammie Shuttle routes and timetables is available here: http://www.students.uct.ac.za/students/services/transport-parking/jammie-shuttle/routes-timetables
Please note, the term and vacation timetables are different.