Biophysics & Structural Biology
at Synchrotrons

17-24 January 2019

This workshop is aimed at introducing young, mostly African, bioscience researchers to the power of synchrotron based facilities. It will have, as its focus, the structure determination and other biophysical resources required for vaccine design, drug discovery, industrial enzymology and agrochemicals. The course will trace the technology required to go from gene to the structure of proteins, as well as synchrotron based techniques for imaging cells. Topics covered will include advanced strategies for crystallization, high-throughput data collection by X-ray diffraction, single particle cryo-EM, structure refinement, X-ray tomography, circular dichroism and spectroscopy . Students will learn how to access synchrotron based resources and will get practical experience of working with proteins, data collection, data processing, structure interpretation and complex experimental strategies. Time has been reserved for students to collect their own data using remote access of an MX beamline at the Diamond Light Source.

The attendants at BSBS2019

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Programme Outline

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Organising Committee

  • Convenor: Trevor Sewell, University of Cape Town
  • Co-convenor: Frances Separovic
  • Gwyndaf Evans
  • Carmien Tolmie
  • Paul Kappo
  • Thandeka Moyo
  • Lizbe Koekemoer